Ack Art Gallery Expos

Earlier this year,the Auckland Art Gallery was one of the 12 shortlisted buildings in the Culture category for the World Architecture Festival held in Singapore. Not only that, but it was also named winner for building o the year. (yay gallery!)
Because of this (and because I practically live next to it so I spend my “bored” hours there) I though it might be a god idea to tell you all what’s currently happening in the gallery for those interested on visiting.

Fragile Beauty

In the Mezzanine hall you can find a series of Japanese prints created in a style called Ukiyo-e which is pretty much a style of painting by stamping a carved piece of wood into a canvas, if you think about it, it is one on the oldest and maybe first methods of printing. (ha…and I though I would remember anything from my art classes at university) The whole exhibition is comprised of six themes, from landscapes, to depictions of war and theater.

Kodachrome Presents

This is actually a photographic exhibition in the second floor terrace of the gallery and it features the work of artist Mladen Bizumic as he marks the relationship between colour film in 1935 and the legacy of Kodachrome’s 12-colour palette after the company Eastman Kodak filled for bankruptcy on 2012. What really stroked me of the exhibit was how the colored acrylic holder are placed against the foliage of the Albert park (not sure if this is meant to be or just luck)

and last but not least is Kangaroo Crew

developed in collaboration with Indigenous Aussie artist Gordon Hookey, from the Waanyi people. This is  great option for people with little children (or little adults as well…I had a blast) It features a animation and artwork from The Sacred Hill a narrative created by Hookey and a workshop section to create your own Kangaroo Mask.

Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you ever visit any of these exhibits.
See you next time.


Semi-Permanent 2014

Last weekend Auckland welcomed Designers, Architects, Film makers and artist from around the world for it’s 10th edition of Semi-Permanent. Lucky for me a friend of mine and fellow graphic designer had a spare ticket for Saturday an was kind enough to give to me.


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Egg-Hunting in the city


From Friday 21th March to the 22nd of April a group of about 100 giant “Eggs” were scattered around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. These Eggs were designed by Top New Zealand artists and that will be auctioned to support the Starship foundation. Of course, these are not only for display, they are all part of a contest as well, you have to try to find all 100 eggs and you can win a 340g 18ct Gold Whittaker’s Slab (chocolate) created by NZ jewelers.

I remember having something like it in Argentina, but instead of eggs, these were giant cows given to artist all over the country and showcased all together in the city centre.
Even thought I don’t think I’m going to participate in the contest I though it was a good idea to get my camera and start hunting some eggs…just for the lulz.

Please let me know if you found some (no matter the city) and which were your favourites. Until next time. Jules.-

For more information about the contest of the Starship foundation go to:  and

[Spanish Version]

Desde el viernes 21 de marzo al 22 de abril, unos 100 “huevos” gigantes fueron esparcidos alrededor de Auckland, Wellington y Christchurch. Estos huevos fueron diseñados por artistas y diseñadores neozelandeses y van a ser subastados al final de la exposición para apoyar la fundación Starship. Por supuesto, estos no estan sólo de muestra, todos ellos son parte de un concurso. Básicamente la idea es tratar de encontrarlos todos, 100 huevos por ciudad, y se puede ganar un Whittaker Slab (Que es un chocolate) hecho de oro de 18 quilates, creado por un grupo de joyeros de Nueva Zelanda.
Yo recuerdo algo así en Argentina, pero en lugar de huevos, estas eran vacas gigantes, creadas por artistas de todo el país y expuestas todos juntos en el centro de la ciudad, si no me equivoco, era en Recoleta. Si bien no creo que vaya a participar en el concurso, pense que era una buena idea sacar la cámara y empieza a cazar algunos huevos … sólo para pasar el dia.
Por favor, cuentenme si alguno encontro alguno de estos huevos (no importa la ciudad) y cuales son sus favoritos. Hasta la próxima. Jules . –

Para obtener más información sobre el concurso y sobre la fundación Starship vayan a: y

One Day in Auckland City

Hi everyone, today I thought I could set up a small quick guide for a day out in the city (Central Auckland) this is perfect for a Friday so if you happen to be in the city you can use this cheeky guide and get through most of the city in just one day. Most of the places I will talk about were featured earlier in this blog, so if you want more information just wander through the blog.

Morning: Breakfast of champions
What a great way to start off the day than with a yummy breakfast. Auckland is full with cafes and stores to get your cuppa, some of my favourites are: The Store, Assiette at Britomart, Cafe Melba at Vulcan Lane or Shaky Isles Coffee Co at Custom St.

The store ristretto

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Buskers Festival

I swear New Zealand never cease to surprise me . I come from a country were  you can find a busker in every corner, in every street and every park you can see jugglers, people singing, playing
instruments or performing for coins. Usually people avoid them and the government tries to shut them out, or take them from the streets. But not here… in New Zealand, you have a whole festival dedicated to them.


During the Auckland anniversary weekend, the city set up various points scattered around the city and during the afternoon you could find different performer.
There was a guy in Vulcan Lane juggling with fire, a girl in the Downtown shopping centre dancing and a shirtless guy at the Silo Park jumping around, shouting and engaging with people.
Not one of these points was empty, kids sitting down, tourists taking pictures and heaps of people gathered around (I almost loose a hand trying to take a photo)



I don’t want to underestimate the work those “buskers” do, it’s just that I find amusing how in one place they are more of a pain in the butt and in another they have their own festival.

[Spanish Version]
Les juro, Nueva Zelanda todavía no deja de sorprenderme. Vengo de un país donde podes encontrar “Artistas callejeros” en cualquier lado, en cada esquina, en algún parque, uno haciendo malabares, el otro cantando, estatuas vivientes, lo que nombres.
Usualmente la gente trata de ignorar o manda a gente del gobierno a que los mueva de lugar. Pero no en NZ… Acá tenes un festival dedicado únicamente a estos artistas.
Durante el fin de semana del aniversario de Auckland, el council dispuso distintos puntos alrededor de la ciudad y todas las tardes había un artista performing
Vi un malabarista de fuego en vulcan lane, una chica que bailaba en la esquina del shopping del centro, y un tipo en el Silo Park saltando y gritando y jugando con el publico.
Ni uno de estos puestos estaba vacío, chicos sentados esperando a que empiece el show, turistas sacando fotos, y miles de personas mirando (casi pierdo un brazo tratando de sacar una foto)

Down the rabbit hole…

As most of you are aware, Christmas is coming, which means I get to do the thing I love the most (without guilt)…that is giving presents, and at the same time I get to do the most stressful, mind-wrecking thing….that is choosing presents.
So I went on an adventure though the streets of Auckland, to find a nice christmas present for le boyfriend and of course I couldn’t find anything that convince me enough. “Im pretty sure i can get something online he’ll like, anyways” was my final thought, so I gave up and start walking back home. I starting walking with my head down, like I had just lost a battle, when I saw a window.

Just a small window next to the ground, full of toys. And I thought it was pretty weird because the shop above it was a women’s clothing line that was very different to these kind of toys. So, as you do, I starting following the little windows until I reach a black door that lead to a staircase to a underground floor. And after going through all the different scenarios were I went down and I end up kidnapped by a group of Russian dwarfs and forced to make toys for the rest of my life, I decided to walk down. And what a great decision.


The windows were actually from a design store called design vault, and it was filled with notebooks, toys, watched, and funny novelty gifts and while I was walking around the shop, I came across this amazing Alice in wonderland postcards, the only ones I could find and the ones you will see in the following photos but I guess there should be more.



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Kikki.K + swedish design = Happiness

[Disclaimer: Im not, in any way sponsored by, or was asked to do any advertisement on this brand, this is just my humble opinion on something I really wanted to share with you. If I ever get asked by anybody to create a post on a certain place or product I will add a note to the post explaining it]

As you already know (or not… I don’t know for how long you’ve been reading this blog) I am a graphic designer & illustrator, so I’m naturally bound to love great design and pretty things. Back in Argentina there are not so many stationary or “design” stores, so when I first set foot on a Kikki.k shop my reaction was pretty much this one….

I feel like Im a Bauhaus-swedish cleancut design type of girl, so my relationship with this brand was something that was meant to be, and I mean…. come on, who in their right mind wouldn’t LOVE a store that looks like this?!


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Britomart (part 1) The Pavillions + VIP shopping spree day

Hello Everyone,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is part one, I really think the WHOLE of Britomart couldn’t fit into one single post, so I divided it into a few of them, and this one specifically will be about the Pavillions and the VIP shopping spree that was held on the 21 of November. After almost two month now living next to Britomart Station (Auckland), it would be only fair to write about the Britomart Pavillion, since it is where I spend most of my time I want to go for a stroll. A few Thursdays back I had the chance to attend it’s VIP shopping spree (day) and thought it would be a great day to go take some pictures, since they were all trying to look it best for the event.


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Auckland Findings

Lately, between work and lack of time I wasn’t able to walk around the city, always the same route, home to work, work to home, maybe the gym or the same bar on the weekends.

So today, in sake of Auckland’s art week I decided to get my camera out and start walking, and it’s funny because usually when people go sightseeing or travel to some place for the first time…. they look up.

They follow the buildings, they see the sky, they are wondered with the lights and the sun and the amazing things the horizon shows…but to me, specially today, the most amazing things, “the secrets” of the city (if you want to call it that way) can be found looking down. Down a staircase, in the corner of a “dodgy” street, next to a sewer, in the bottom of a light post, there, is where you can find the soul of a city.






Hope you like it.

Next post will continue the trip to the northland (that is if I stop watching videos in youtube and actually sit down to write)

Let me know what do you think or if you have any ideas for me to do next.