Starting over…

Let’s say uncertainty is not something I’m too keen on. I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen, I like to plan things ahead, I might wait to the last minute to do it, but I like to plan it,I like schedules and day planners and to do lists and post its with errands and having control over things, I’ve ruined too many season finales and books for myself because of this, but I don’t get along with uncertainty.

I know its not polite to speak ill of the dead, so I will not give names and I don’t thinks its important either, but lately I hadn’t been comfortable in my job; I was not challenged as a designer, felt unappreciated and over all lost the spark that kept me working. Quitting without a plan B was out of the question, leaving a job without having another was simply inconceivable, I don’t know if it was because it took me so long to get this one in the first place, or because I come from a country were is not easy living without a job, I things kept getting worse, crying my way home wouldn’t change anything and speaking was not working either.

I realized that if I wanted things to change I had to start with myself. So a few weeks ago I walked to my boss office and I quit. The moment I walked out of that office (even though there were a few bits and pieces that didn’t add up) I felt this incredible weight lift off my shoulders, this peace of mind that would help me focus more on redesigning my portfolio, designing a new web page and looking for new projects.

Today is my last day at the office, I don’t know what its going to happen, I don’t know if I will get another job fast or if freelancing will pay the bills, hell I don’t even know if someone even reads this blog (besides my mum)  but what I know is that Im happy, for the first time Im happy not knowing how things will turn out, there are no lists, no plans, nothing more than peace of mind.

To new beginnings… Jules.-

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