Monthly Favourites [April]

They say April showers bring May Flowers, in my case April was a tornado that shook everything, cleared it up and gave me a clean slate to star over. New job, new projects, new places and new friends. So I guess this time, the whole month was a favourite, but I choose a few things to share with you.

– The north remembers:

Finally! After waiting a whole year Game of thrones started again, with a whole lot of expectation, new characters, dreaded old ones, unexpected turns of events, surprises and we haven’t even reached¬† reached half of the season yet.

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Sydney (part 2)

Maybe it was the fact that it was cloudy that everything looked grey during daytime, maybe I’m just right or maybe there was something else, but if I can say something after my trip to Sydney is this: Sydney City was made for the night. I know some of you will try to come after me, talk about the beaches, and the sun and the “always summer” feeling you always get from looking at images of Oz, but Im just talking about the city centre. The lighted up bridge, the opera shinning and the city view, showing all the colours possible from neon lights. This is part 2 from the Sydney Diaries….this is Sydney by night.


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Britomart (part 1) The Pavillions + VIP shopping spree day

Hello Everyone,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is part one, I really think the WHOLE of Britomart couldn’t fit into one single post, so I divided it into a few of them, and this one specifically will be about the Pavillions and the VIP shopping spree that was held on the 21 of November.¬†After almost two month now living next to Britomart Station (Auckland), it would be only fair to write about the Britomart Pavillion, since it is where I spend most of my time I want to go for a stroll. A few Thursdays back I had the chance to attend it’s VIP shopping spree (day) and thought it would be a great day to go take some pictures, since they were all trying to look it best for the event.


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