The Market Diaries [Matariki Festival]

Every year, the rising of the Matariki Constellation announces the beginning of Te tau hou, the Māori New Year. Which is usually celebrated  with 31 days of culinary events, performances and concerts. Te tau hou historically occurred at the end of harvest season, where most could fill the storage houses with food and come together to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of the one to come.

Auckland was filled with Matariki Events during the months of June and July, including a Matariki festival weekend at the Silo Park to celebrate the end of the festivities.

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One day in Auckland City (Winter edition)

A while back I wrote a little guide for a day out in the city (you can re read it here … or not…I’m not your mom) so today I though I would create another mini guide for this weekend which is the end of the Matariki Festival Month. Hope you enjoy it.

Morning: Caffeine-fix
Auckland is mostly know for its cafes and coffee culture, everywhere you turn, you’ll see someone drinking a cup of coffee or a coffee shop, so what best way to start off the day than with some breakfast/brunch. One of the places I love in the city is Shaky Isles (customs street) I’m pretty sure its because of the funny “to-go” cups but mostly its because of how the whole place is decorated. If you want to try something else instead of a classic espresso coffee, right know they are offering syphon, cold drip and filter coffee options, and if you are not a coffee person, that also have teas, smoothies and fruit juices. Top it with something to eat and you are ready to go.

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The Market Diaries [NewMarket fail Int. Food Market]

It’s time for another Challenge Charlie!! (Sorry wrong blog..) For realz now, it’s time for another Market Diaries, where I go around Auckland finding new Markets to visit.This one, unfortunately its going to be quite short since I think this was a fail of a market.

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Britomart Market

With the weekend around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about markets. Every weekend, all around New Zealand you’ll be able to find a market, specially around Auckland, but today I want to focus specially on Saturday Britomart Market.


The market itself its every saturday from 8am to 12.30pm at the back of the Britomart Train Station and usually features all kind of stalls with delicatessen, it is placed across the pavillion (if you’ve read my previous post on Britomart is where the bean bags are placed. )


Every time I went there was a singer or a performer beside the actual market, and in the stalls, you can find all different kind of goods, from coffee shops, to flowers, to hummus, and “my personal favorites” Argentina pies (empanadas)  The stall is run by two argentinian guys and they usually have the “classic flavors,” unfortunately they are not every Saturday.  I really wished I’d go more often, because they have a really lovely selection of fruit and veggies, and there is a stall with cheeses to die for.


Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know in the comment below if you’ll ever how to Britomart Market or if you have market in you city. Jules.-