New Zealand International Film Festival

Today marks the day of the start of New Zealand International Film Festival, heaps of films are going to be featured during the next few weeks and I always say I want to go…and never end up going. I promised myself this time its going to be different, so today Im going to share with you my top picks for this year and as I go I will make a little note. (So if you are reading this in September…or 2017 and there is nothing there…I failed)

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Monthly Favourites [June]

Last month I wrote I wasn’t quite sure if I should continue with the monthly favourites since they didn’t seem as appealing  as the rest of the posts, but as it turns out you do like them, so welcome once again to my Monthly Favourites (June edition) This was a weird month, it seemed that it started yesterday and it went by super quick, but I do have some picks for you.

– Sorted Food

These guys need no introduction, they’ve been around forever now and have a huge fan base all over the interwebz. They are Barry, Ben, Mike and Jamie from the uk and they have an amazing youtube channel were they created some of the best and easiest recipes ever. Plus they are funny as hell, which makes their videos easy and fun to watch. (The image above has a link to their youtube channel…so go take a look)

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