Monthly Favourites [April]

They say April showers bring May Flowers, in my case April was a tornado that shook everything, cleared it up and gave me a clean slate to star over. New job, new projects, new places and new friends. So I guess this time, the whole month was a favourite, but I choose a few things to share with you.

– The north remembers:

Finally! After waiting a whole year Game of thrones started again, with a whole lot of expectation, new characters, dreaded old ones, unexpected turns of events, surprises and we haven’t even reached  reached half of the season yet.

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[Fashion in the City] 125 metres of fashion


Last Sunday Auckland said goodbye to it’s 10 days of fashion in the city, and to celebrate it, on Saturday the 8th Queen Street closed two blocks to traffic and turned them into a 125 metres catwalk making it the longest catwalk ever made in the country.

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[FitC] Meeting Karen Walker & getting philosophical

Fashion in the CIty: VIva sessions + karen walker

On Thursday I got the fantastic opportunity to meet Karen Walker at the New Zealand Herald’s Viva Session. If you don’t know who Karen Walker is google new york fashion week and then come back. She is an amazing fashion designer whose clothes range from nz stores to Rihanna’s and Scarlet Johanson’s closet.

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[Fashion in the city] Hello! we are the NZFM


Hello again, this one will be a bit short since I’m writing this one in a hurry (sorry) but if the time helps me out I will be able to sneak in another post before the weekend. Ok… as you might imagine, the 10 days of fashion in the city continues and for this occasion the New Zealand Fashion Museum created a pop-up display in one of the unused silos at Silo Park.

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[Fashion in the City] Britomart Runway Show


For 10 days, from the 28th of February to the 9th of March Auckland city will be celebrating “Fashion in the City” a series of Fashion related events, culminating on a giant catwalk on Queen Street. So this week will be all fashion related. To start off the event, last weekend, the Britomart people created a series of runway shows featuring leading designer like Juliette Hogan, Trelise Cooper, WORLD and Ted Baker.

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Selling Dreams

Happy 2014 everyone!

I have decided (as kind of a new years resolution) to push myself and do at least two/three blog post per week. Truth is… I’ve been slacking. So I’ve been gathering content all over the city and planning some trips to bring the most of the country to you.


But first, lets talk art… because if you are staying in Auckland, or passing by until the 28th February, you want to know about this. It’s crazy how I, being the art/museum freak I am, have never been to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It’s been almost a year since I came to New Zealand and I’ve never set foot on it, so, add another one to my new years resolutions. – “More Museums please.”


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Britomart (part 1) The Pavillions + VIP shopping spree day

Hello Everyone,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is part one, I really think the WHOLE of Britomart couldn’t fit into one single post, so I divided it into a few of them, and this one specifically will be about the Pavillions and the VIP shopping spree that was held on the 21 of November. After almost two month now living next to Britomart Station (Auckland), it would be only fair to write about the Britomart Pavillion, since it is where I spend most of my time I want to go for a stroll. A few Thursdays back I had the chance to attend it’s VIP shopping spree (day) and thought it would be a great day to go take some pictures, since they were all trying to look it best for the event.


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M.A.C Divine Night (Smith & Caugheys)

Last night I had the chance to attend M.A.C’s Divine night, where they introduced their new collection. I think it would be unfair to begin this blog post without first  giving a big shout out to the ladies from M.A.C, because they were amazing. I had the chance to talk with a few of them while I got my face done as well and they were so friendly and helpful.

The event itself was hosted in the M.A.C space in Smith & Caugheys, which is one of Auckland oldest department stores, (it’s been around 130 years.) Probably one the “Must see’s” in every Auckland city guide. But I wouldn’t recommend buying there if you are a backpacker, given that is a High end store and it can be a bit pricey.


The room was packed, it was full of ladies trying out the new collection and we all were amazingly treated with champagne and nibbles. It was hard at first to get hold of some of the girls to talk and show me the new collection because all of these ladies were so excited that they keep the girls for themselves. (I was able to get my face done when the room was more empty by the end)


For the collection itself, I have to be honest I wasn’t much of a fan because usually I don’t use glittery eye shadows and blushes, I tend to prefer matte colours and the Divine collection had some pretty shimmer pigments, but nevertheless, what I did love was how the duets were put together. I was a bit worried on how the black and gold would work because I know that, personally, I would make a mess and mix both colours in less that a week.



All of the girls were wearing the same makeup using the new Divine Collection, and the second I set foot into the store I fell in love with the lipstick they were wearing and of course I sinned and purchased it in the first 15 minutes.  The colour I’ve got is the Divine Collection “Private Party“, that is a Dark Plum Mauve, It’s a matte colour and really pigmented. I put on some today in the early morning when I went to work (say 7.30am) and just touched it up a bit after lunch and its now 6.16pm and it’s still perfectly on. I tend to be quite lazy and don’t do a lot of touch ups so I was really pleased with the duration on the lipstick. (I’m a heavy coffee drinker so I would use up all my lipsticks if I had to touch up every time they run off)


When the venue got less crowded I was able to get one of the girls and got two different looks done. First,  I met Roshm and we used as a base, the lipstick the I was wearing (that was the Private Party, that I had previously bought) and she paired it with some eyeshadow. Bare in mind that I’m a brunette with very a fair skin tone (and some freckles) and have dark green eyes. So, after we went through the kind of colours I liked, if I preferred matte or shimmer colours, she picked up two tones that would pair perfectly with the Mauve lipstick and my face, the first one (Haux) was a pale pink, with a bit of shimmer, that she apply all over the eyelid and the second one (Sketch) was a darker plum that she apply only on the crease of the eye and under the waterline.

[Disclaimer: The light in the following two images was different so the colour may look more dark and saturated]

Lipstick - Private Party Eyeshadow - Sketch

Lipstick – Private Party , Eyeshadow – Sketch

Second look was quite different, (because the first one turn out to be quite cold and I’d imagine I would wear that more for winter or night) and I got with one of the other girls and got a 1950’s rockabilly inspired look, I really suck at names and I can remember the other MAC Artist name, but she was Scottish and had this amazing accent (so if you happen to read this, sorry, and comment below or send me an email with your name please!) She used the same pink eye shadow as a base (Haux) and a darker bronze tone for the crease (Twinks) she used black gel eyeliner to do a thick winged line on my eyes and finished up with some blusher and red lipstick. For the lip she used the colour Russian Red, which is by far the best red lipstick i’ve found, because it has a blue tone so this make it a darker richer red. Most of the red lipsticks I’ve tried were red with orange tones so they very bright and they didn’t suit me at all. So If I had to recommend any red lipstick I would recommend the Russian Red, hands down.

Lipstick - Russian Red, Eyeshadow - Twinks

Lipstick – Russian Red, Eyeshadow – Twinks

To sum up I had an incredible night, lots of fun. Once again the girls were great, and if have the chance to go to Smith and Caugheys, go and let me know what do you think. I will leave some more images of the other products on the store because I think they look great and even thought they are not part of this collection the colour are incredible and worth trying out.






Auckland art gallery Toi o Tāmaki (California Design Exhibition)

If you are in Auckland, staying or passing through, the art gallery is one of my top places to recommend. With no entry fee and open from 10am to 5pm everyday its located on Cnr Kitchener and Wellesley Street in the city centre.


The gallery opened on 1888 but was rebuilt and reopen on 2011, it has a permanent collection that features historic and  modern art works by Māori and Pacific artists, as well as an European collections (This can be access free of charge.)


Living so close to it, i’ve been around a few times and I went over all the permanent collection, so i decided to go once again, but to check out the new exhibition: California Design 1930 – 1965. This exhibition has a $15 fee since it was on the gallery for just some months and it covers works from the California of the mid-twentieth-century.

The exhibition features more than 250 objects  from furniture, prints, fashions and motion graphics. I loved the way the exhibit was organized and how it perfectly showcased the lifestyle of modern California and the difference between design nowadays and then. Still…i absolutely LOVED that coffee table and I would totally use it in my apartment right now.




To wrap up, I just wanted to share this picture with you. This is part of the Creative Learning Centre inside of the gallery (Mezzanine area) and it is part of the year long exhibition “May the Rainbow always touch your shoulder” by Tiffany Singh. I loved the whole idea and how colouful it looks.


That’s it for now,  let me know if you like this kind of post or if you’d like to see something else.

Have you visited the gallery already? What do you think?