Industrial Brunch

I think I’ve declared my love affair with brunch quite a while ago, i don’t know if its the fact that you can eat that much during breakfast hours and get away with it, or maybe because otherwise i wouldn’t be caught dead eating eggs, potatoes or bacon this early.

A few Sundays back, le boyfriend and I woke up early…again…thanks to that god forsaking bell right across our window (i mean really who was the one who decided is was a good idea to have a bell ringing since 8am every 15 minutes!) anyways… we woke up early and I’ve manage to convince him to go out for brunch and we ended going to Everybody’s in Fort Lane.


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Semi-Permanent 2014

Last weekend Auckland welcomed Designers, Architects, Film makers and artist from around the world for it’s 10th edition of Semi-Permanent. Lucky for me a friend of mine and fellow graphic designer had a spare ticket for Saturday an was kind enough to give to me.


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Egg-Hunting in the city


From Friday 21th March to the 22nd of April a group of about 100 giant “Eggs” were scattered around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. These Eggs were designed by Top New Zealand artists and that will be auctioned to support the Starship foundation. Of course, these are not only for display, they are all part of a contest as well, you have to try to find all 100 eggs and you can win a 340g 18ct Gold Whittaker’s Slab (chocolate) created by NZ jewelers.

I remember having something like it in Argentina, but instead of eggs, these were giant cows given to artist all over the country and showcased all together in the city centre.
Even thought I don’t think I’m going to participate in the contest I though it was a good idea to get my camera and start hunting some eggs…just for the lulz.

Please let me know if you found some (no matter the city) and which were your favourites. Until next time. Jules.-

For more information about the contest of the Starship foundation go to:  and

[Spanish Version]

Desde el viernes 21 de marzo al 22 de abril, unos 100 “huevos” gigantes fueron esparcidos alrededor de Auckland, Wellington y Christchurch. Estos huevos fueron diseñados por artistas y diseñadores neozelandeses y van a ser subastados al final de la exposición para apoyar la fundación Starship. Por supuesto, estos no estan sólo de muestra, todos ellos son parte de un concurso. Básicamente la idea es tratar de encontrarlos todos, 100 huevos por ciudad, y se puede ganar un Whittaker Slab (Que es un chocolate) hecho de oro de 18 quilates, creado por un grupo de joyeros de Nueva Zelanda.
Yo recuerdo algo así en Argentina, pero en lugar de huevos, estas eran vacas gigantes, creadas por artistas de todo el país y expuestas todos juntos en el centro de la ciudad, si no me equivoco, era en Recoleta. Si bien no creo que vaya a participar en el concurso, pense que era una buena idea sacar la cámara y empieza a cazar algunos huevos … sólo para pasar el dia.
Por favor, cuentenme si alguno encontro alguno de estos huevos (no importa la ciudad) y cuales son sus favoritos. Hasta la próxima. Jules . –

Para obtener más información sobre el concurso y sobre la fundación Starship vayan a: y

Sunday Brunch


After weeks and weeks of convincing I finally talked Le Boyfriend into taking me for brunch. I don’t really know why I’m so obsessed with it, I hate breakfast, and any other day I try to avoid eating as soon as I wake up, but every weekend I have a crave for brunch, going out, and have some serious food. I became a fanatic and I’ve been asking him for too long.


He finally gave in and this Sunday we went to L’Assiette, located in the Britomart Area. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time, it is on every guide I’ve read ad on every “Must see” food places, including several Metro’s 50s Best Cafes in Auckland Awards. L’Assiette is a small french bistro that focuses on giving a French twist to kiwi classic meals, from Sweet patisserie to savory Galetes.


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Kiss me…I’m Irish

It’s that time again, where the streets dress up in green, the beer flows and the music is loud, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day!


I’ve celebrated two Saint paddy’s since I’ve got here, the first one was a bit frightening to be honest, with overly drunk people and two car crashes across our old apartment, this one, I might say…a lot more cheerful.

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[FitC] Meeting Karen Walker & getting philosophical

Fashion in the CIty: VIva sessions + karen walker

On Thursday I got the fantastic opportunity to meet Karen Walker at the New Zealand Herald’s Viva Session. If you don’t know who Karen Walker is google new york fashion week and then come back. She is an amazing fashion designer whose clothes range from nz stores to Rihanna’s and Scarlet Johanson’s closet.

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[Fashion in the City] Britomart Runway Show


For 10 days, from the 28th of February to the 9th of March Auckland city will be celebrating “Fashion in the City” a series of Fashion related events, culminating on a giant catwalk on Queen Street. So this week will be all fashion related. To start off the event, last weekend, the Britomart people created a series of runway shows featuring leading designer like Juliette Hogan, Trelise Cooper, WORLD and Ted Baker.

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One Day in Auckland City

Hi everyone, today I thought I could set up a small quick guide for a day out in the city (Central Auckland) this is perfect for a Friday so if you happen to be in the city you can use this cheeky guide and get through most of the city in just one day. Most of the places I will talk about were featured earlier in this blog, so if you want more information just wander through the blog.

Morning: Breakfast of champions
What a great way to start off the day than with a yummy breakfast. Auckland is full with cafes and stores to get your cuppa, some of my favourites are: The Store, Assiette at Britomart, Cafe Melba at Vulcan Lane or Shaky Isles Coffee Co at Custom St.

The store ristretto

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Happy Valentines! Let’s get drunk!

I know what you are thinking… please not another valentines day blog post… but it is not what you expect. Unlike New Zealand, back in Argentina we are not used to the whole Valentines day celebration, maybe in the last couple of years people started to get more used to it or businesses used it as an sale opportunity, but we are not the ones for celebrating it. So today you have a choice.


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Britomart Market

With the weekend around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about markets. Every weekend, all around New Zealand you’ll be able to find a market, specially around Auckland, but today I want to focus specially on Saturday Britomart Market.


The market itself its every saturday from 8am to 12.30pm at the back of the Britomart Train Station and usually features all kind of stalls with delicatessen, it is placed across the pavillion (if you’ve read my previous post on Britomart is where the bean bags are placed. )


Every time I went there was a singer or a performer beside the actual market, and in the stalls, you can find all different kind of goods, from coffee shops, to flowers, to hummus, and “my personal favorites” Argentina pies (empanadas)  The stall is run by two argentinian guys and they usually have the “classic flavors,” unfortunately they are not every Saturday.  I really wished I’d go more often, because they have a really lovely selection of fruit and veggies, and there is a stall with cheeses to die for.


Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know in the comment below if you’ll ever how to Britomart Market or if you have market in you city. Jules.-