Day trip to middle earth [The Travel Diaries]

It’s 6.30 am, Im crawling out of bed, I brush my teeth, put my hair up in a ponytail and wash my face. I wake up le boyfriend for him to do the same, trying not to jump to the bed containing my excitement. We are going on an adventure!

Let’s say Le boyfriend is a bit obsessed with Tolkien, he read the whole lord of the rings trilogy, the hobbit, we have the three “extended versions” of the film, and went to see The Hobbit (an unexpected journey) twice, I don’t feel so fondly of all the saga as him, but I get excited nonetheless. So naturally have been living in New Zealand for over a year, we had to go to Hobbiton.


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Sydney in 8 dishes

I’m back! I apologize on the lack of post yesterday (I can blame it on the jet lag but it was pure laziness)

I little thing I kept for myself since I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post about it was that I traveled to Sydney! Went went just for four days to visit some friends that are about to be parents and it was the perfect excuse to fly to Australia for the first time. So over the next weeks I will be posting a couple of  blog post on the trip (kind of what I did with New Zealand’s Northland) and we will call it: The Kiwi Diaries goes Aussie.


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Kiss me…I’m Irish

It’s that time again, where the streets dress up in green, the beer flows and the music is loud, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day!


I’ve celebrated two Saint paddy’s since I’ve got here, the first one was a bit frightening to be honest, with overly drunk people and two car crashes across our old apartment, this one, I might say…a lot more cheerful.

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One Day in Auckland City

Hi everyone, today I thought I could set up a small quick guide for a day out in the city (Central Auckland) this is perfect for a Friday so if you happen to be in the city you can use this cheeky guide and get through most of the city in just one day. Most of the places I will talk about were featured earlier in this blog, so if you want more information just wander through the blog.

Morning: Breakfast of champions
What a great way to start off the day than with a yummy breakfast. Auckland is full with cafes and stores to get your cuppa, some of my favourites are: The Store, Assiette at Britomart, Cafe Melba at Vulcan Lane or Shaky Isles Coffee Co at Custom St.

The store ristretto

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Northland (Opononi to Pahia)

It’s time to continue with our trip through the Northland. This time, the road from Opononi to Paihia.

Last post ended with us going through the Waipoua Forrest. After almost a two hour drive we reached it’s end and continued out trip to Opononi, I think the following picture will explain ten times better what an amazing view we got when we reach the entrance to the town. Opononi is a really small town, there is not much to do (in a tourist point of view) but it has the most amazing view ever.


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Northern Steamship

Sorry I took so long to write a new post. I thought I have uploaded one a few weeks ago, but I guess not :S

So, continuing with the “food” theme, a few weeks ago I we went (le boyfriend and me) to Northern Steamship, or as some people call it, the Mac’s Brewery. Located in the corner of Quay St and Gore St in Auckland.

My immediate thought when I walked in was… This is seriously awesome… not only because it looked really cosy, like the place to go with some to have a drink by the fire, but the way the bar was decorated was really creative. For starters in the ceiling there are a bunch of lamps and chandeliers all hanged upside-down, there is a gigantic circular bookcase in the back, vintage artwork and the furniture is all different from each other. It gives the bar a very eclectic look, but at the same time, with the colour scheme and the leather couches it looks really cosy and warm.


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