Buskers Festival

I swear New Zealand never cease to surprise me . I come from a country were  you can find a busker in every corner, in every street and every park you can see jugglers, people singing, playing
instruments or performing for coins. Usually people avoid them and the government tries to shut them out, or take them from the streets. But not here… in New Zealand, you have a whole festival dedicated to them.


During the Auckland anniversary weekend, the city set up various points scattered around the city and during the afternoon you could find different performer.
There was a guy in Vulcan Lane juggling with fire, a girl in the Downtown shopping centre dancing and a shirtless guy at the Silo Park jumping around, shouting and engaging with people.
Not one of these points was empty, kids sitting down, tourists taking pictures and heaps of people gathered around (I almost loose a hand trying to take a photo)



I don’t want to underestimate the work those “buskers” do, it’s just that I find amusing how in one place they are more of a pain in the butt and in another they have their own festival.

[Spanish Version]
Les juro, Nueva Zelanda todavía no deja de sorprenderme. Vengo de un país donde podes encontrar “Artistas callejeros” en cualquier lado, en cada esquina, en algún parque, uno haciendo malabares, el otro cantando, estatuas vivientes, lo que nombres.
Usualmente la gente trata de ignorar o manda a gente del gobierno a que los mueva de lugar. Pero no en NZ… Acá tenes un festival dedicado únicamente a estos artistas.
Durante el fin de semana del aniversario de Auckland, el council dispuso distintos puntos alrededor de la ciudad y todas las tardes había un artista performing
Vi un malabarista de fuego en vulcan lane, una chica que bailaba en la esquina del shopping del centro, y un tipo en el Silo Park saltando y gritando y jugando con el publico.
Ni uno de estos puestos estaba vacío, chicos sentados esperando a que empiece el show, turistas sacando fotos, y miles de personas mirando (casi pierdo un brazo tratando de sacar una foto)



Let’s talk food, shall we…
It seems New Zealand (specially Auckland) is a great place for food, there are always great new places and restaurants to try and there is always some event related to it. I already talked about the weekend markets, but there are also cooking competitions or food festival every way you look.
I guess this was no exception. Last Monday Auckland’s anniversary was the perfect excuse to held the ABS Seafood FEASTival (ah…see what you did there) at the Wynyard Quarter, next to the Waitemata Harbour. This particular festival, donates its proceeds to charity. (If someone is interested I will leave a link to this years below)


There was a series of stalls with different kind of seafood, cooking classes, kitchen appliances presentation, there was one guy who actually talked about spices and of course, drinks…for the cheap price of $3 you could buy your own wine glass and walked around trying wines.


And now please, if you suffer from a condition of FOOD EXCITEMENT please restrain yourself.


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