Ack Art Gallery Expos

Earlier this year,the Auckland Art Gallery was one of the 12 shortlisted buildings in the Culture category for the World Architecture Festival held in Singapore. Not only that, but it was also named winner for building o the year. (yay gallery!)
Because of this (and because I practically live next to it so I spend my “bored” hours there) I though it might be a god idea to tell you all what’s currently happening in the gallery for those interested on visiting.

Fragile Beauty

In the Mezzanine hall you can find a series of Japanese prints created in a style called Ukiyo-e which is pretty much a style of painting by stamping a carved piece of wood into a canvas, if you think about it, it is one on the oldest and maybe first methods of printing. (ha…and I though I would remember anything from my art classes at university) The whole exhibition is comprised of six themes, from landscapes, to depictions of war and theater.

Kodachrome Presents

This is actually a photographic exhibition in the second floor terrace of the gallery and it features the work of artist Mladen Bizumic as he marks the relationship between colour film in 1935 and the legacy of Kodachrome’s 12-colour palette after the company Eastman Kodak filled for bankruptcy on 2012. What really stroked me of the exhibit was how the colored acrylic holder are placed against the foliage of the Albert park (not sure if this is meant to be or just luck)

and last but not least is Kangaroo Crew

developed in collaboration with Indigenous Aussie artist Gordon Hookey, from the Waanyi people. This is  great option for people with little children (or little adults as well…I had a blast) It features a animation and artwork from The Sacred Hill a narrative created by Hookey and a workshop section to create your own Kangaroo Mask.

Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you ever visit any of these exhibits.
See you next time.


Auckland Festival of Photography

During all the month of May until the 20th of June most Auckland galleries featured exhibitions from the Auckland Festival of photography. To my understanding the festival aims to encourage emerging photographers to exhibit their work in public, so pretty much everyone can expose as long as you sign up for it (please make sure you read conditions in their website if you want to participate next year…just in case)

With over 30 different proposals and talks this is a great choice for a day out in the city (for those who enjoy photography…or not..who knows?) as well as a great day to see most art galleries in the city. I haven’t had the chance to see all of them (specially since most open this week) but I plan to tick off as much as I can.

If you have the chance i have a few recommendations based on the exhibits I’ve been to.

Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 Winner

The Aotea Centre is showcasing a selection of photographs from the winners of the Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 until the 20th June. There were almost 22.000 images submitted last year and the final exhibition features artist from 153 countries.

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Five Māori Painters

You might remember… (or if not click….HERE) that one of my New Years resolution was “More museums” so last weekend I decided to own up to my promise and went, once again, to the Auckland Art Museum.
I can spend the entire post talking about how I (24 year old female) spent the majority of the time reading a children book and “painting” my own Kangaroo Mask with 5 year old kids. But I rather invite you all to go and see the Five Māori Painters exhibition.


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One Day in Auckland City

Hi everyone, today I thought I could set up a small quick guide for a day out in the city (Central Auckland) this is perfect for a Friday so if you happen to be in the city you can use this cheeky guide and get through most of the city in just one day. Most of the places I will talk about were featured earlier in this blog, so if you want more information just wander through the blog.

Morning: Breakfast of champions
What a great way to start off the day than with a yummy breakfast. Auckland is full with cafes and stores to get your cuppa, some of my favourites are: The Store, Assiette at Britomart, Cafe Melba at Vulcan Lane or Shaky Isles Coffee Co at Custom St.

The store ristretto

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Selling Dreams

Happy 2014 everyone!

I have decided (as kind of a new years resolution) to push myself and do at least two/three blog post per week. Truth is… I’ve been slacking. So I’ve been gathering content all over the city and planning some trips to bring the most of the country to you.


But first, lets talk art… because if you are staying in Auckland, or passing by until the 28th February, you want to know about this. It’s crazy how I, being the art/museum freak I am, have never been to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It’s been almost a year since I came to New Zealand and I’ve never set foot on it, so, add another one to my new years resolutions. – “More Museums please.”


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Auckland art gallery Toi o Tāmaki (California Design Exhibition)

If you are in Auckland, staying or passing through, the art gallery is one of my top places to recommend. With no entry fee and open from 10am to 5pm everyday its located on Cnr Kitchener and Wellesley Street in the city centre.


The gallery opened on 1888 but was rebuilt and reopen on 2011, it has a permanent collection that features historic and  modern art works by Māori and Pacific artists, as well as an European collections (This can be access free of charge.)


Living so close to it, i’ve been around a few times and I went over all the permanent collection, so i decided to go once again, but to check out the new exhibition: California Design 1930 – 1965. This exhibition has a $15 fee since it was on the gallery for just some months and it covers works from the California of the mid-twentieth-century.

The exhibition features more than 250 objects  from furniture, prints, fashions and motion graphics. I loved the way the exhibit was organized and how it perfectly showcased the lifestyle of modern California and the difference between design nowadays and then. Still…i absolutely LOVED that coffee table and I would totally use it in my apartment right now.




To wrap up, I just wanted to share this picture with you. This is part of the Creative Learning Centre inside of the gallery (Mezzanine area) and it is part of the year long exhibition “May the Rainbow always touch your shoulder” by Tiffany Singh. I loved the whole idea and how colouful it looks.


That’s it for now,  let me know if you like this kind of post or if you’d like to see something else.

Have you visited the gallery already? What do you think?