Goodbye Blog…

If you are about to panic…please don’t…and keep reading.

If you have been reading the last few posts or been following any of my social media, you might have read that there were some mayor changes coming to the kiwi diaries. I’ve been working the past few days with Le boyfriend who has kindly help me through out the whole process and I think today I better that ever…


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Have a wonderful weekend

Happy weekend everyone!! What are you up to this weekend?
Le Boyfriend and I just came back from the cinema, a little someone (maybe the greatest girlfriend in history) got advance screening tickets to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I must say, it’s been a while since I laughed and enjoyed and action movie that much. Then we are planning a lazy weekend, maybe go to the SIlo Park to celebrate the Winyard Quarter birthday and I’m going to be finishing up some things for the blog and hopefully have them ready for the beginning of the week. Just stayed tuned because some huge changes are coming!

What are you plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?


Feliz fin de semana a todos !! ¿Qué tienen planeado este fin de semana?
Le novio y yo acabamos de volver de cine, alguien (tal vez la mejor novia del universo) consiguió entradas para el Pre-estreno de la nueva  película de los guardianes de la galaxia. Debo decir, que hace tiempo no me reí y disfruté tanto una película de acción como esta. Tenemos planeado un finde bastante tranquilo, tal vez ir al Silo Park para celebrar el cumpleaños del Winyard Quarter y yo voy a estar terminando algunas cosas para el blog y espero tener todo listos para el comienzo de la semana. Manténganse atentos porque se vienen algunos grandes cambios!

¿Cuales son sus planes para el fin de semana? Algo emocionante?


One day in Auckland City (Winter edition)

A while back I wrote a little guide for a day out in the city (you can re read it here … or not…I’m not your mom) so today I though I would create another mini guide for this weekend which is the end of the Matariki Festival Month. Hope you enjoy it.

Morning: Caffeine-fix
Auckland is mostly know for its cafes and coffee culture, everywhere you turn, you’ll see someone drinking a cup of coffee or a coffee shop, so what best way to start off the day than with some breakfast/brunch. One of the places I love in the city is Shaky Isles (customs street) I’m pretty sure its because of the funny “to-go” cups but mostly its because of how the whole place is decorated. If you want to try something else instead of a classic espresso coffee, right know they are offering syphon, cold drip and filter coffee options, and if you are not a coffee person, that also have teas, smoothies and fruit juices. Top it with something to eat and you are ready to go.

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DIY Sunday and Chocolate Brownies


Le Boyfriend and I are slowly filling up the apartment with furniture, decorations and things of the sort. Yes I know…. we moved here 3 months ago already, but baby steps my little grasshopper…baby steps.
One of my mayor issues with this “minimalistic” look, is that Le Boyfriend’s computer is now on our coffee table and given the way we have arrange things at the moment the only way to go from one end of the apartment to the other is by jumping over him and stepping over the couch (which has become quite annoying lately)

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We want YOU!

I know, nobody cares if I have writers block or whatever excuse I have on why it’s been a week since my last post.

Since we moved out, I have not been able to adjust again to my normal routine. The Monday after we moved out and cleaned the old apartment my body decided to shut down completely, it’s like it realized I’ve “Exercised” a bit too much during that weekend and said “Nope….I’m are not meant for sports…I’m shutting down” So, I’ve had a really inconvenienced week with that, a not happy allergic reaction I had to a “new Garnier face cream” which left my eyes teary and swollen for a day (great day to be a graphic designer) and that I accidentally erased all the photos I had from the Silo Park Market. There you have all my excuses….let’s move on.

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My life in cardboard boxes

Since the moment I was born until I came to New Zealand, I’ve always lived in the same house, same neighbourhood, same room. I’ve never needed or wanted to move. This is why it’s still weird to think how in the last year I moved house three times already. To my grief I’ve also realised how much Sh#t (Pardon Le french) I’ve gathered in so little time, we moved almost every 6 months since I’ve arrived, the first time we just called a taxi to help us with our luggage, but now I feel we need to call a moving truck to help us out.


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Starting over…

Let’s say uncertainty is not something I’m too keen on. I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen, I like to plan things ahead, I might wait to the last minute to do it, but I like to plan it,I like schedules and day planners and to do lists and post its with errands and having control over things, I’ve ruined too many season finales and books for myself because of this, but I don’t get along with uncertainty.

I know its not polite to speak ill of the dead, so I will not give names and I don’t thinks its important either, but lately I hadn’t been comfortable in my job; I was not challenged as a designer, felt unappreciated and over all lost the spark that kept me working. Quitting without a plan B was out of the question, leaving a job without having another was simply inconceivable, I don’t know if it was because it took me so long to get this one in the first place, or because I come from a country were is not easy living without a job, I things kept getting worse, crying my way home wouldn’t change anything and speaking was not working either.

I realized that if I wanted things to change I had to start with myself. So a few weeks ago I walked to my boss office and I quit. The moment I walked out of that office (even though there were a few bits and pieces that didn’t add up) I felt this incredible weight lift off my shoulders, this peace of mind that would help me focus more on redesigning my portfolio, designing a new web page and looking for new projects.

Today is my last day at the office, I don’t know what its going to happen, I don’t know if I will get another job fast or if freelancing will pay the bills, hell I don’t even know if someone even reads this blog (besides my mum)  but what I know is that Im happy, for the first time Im happy not knowing how things will turn out, there are no lists, no plans, nothing more than peace of mind.

To new beginnings… Jules.-

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Back in Five….

I’ve decided to finally upgrade my blog and create the new theme I’ve talked about in older post. But since I realized that I suck at web design and programing I’ve decided that its better to use a pre-designed theme and customize it until it look as close as the actual design was.

So if you are just joining in or you decided that today was the day you wanted to take at look at whats going on, I apologize for the mess. I will take the next few day to give this blog a new haircut and hopefully I won’t break anything in the process.In the meantime….here is a cat…

[Spanish Version]

He decidido finalmente re diseñar y mejor my blog creando una nueva plantilla de fondo (como comente en algun posteo anterior) Pero…siendo que me di cuenta que realmente no se programar y no voy a lograr lo que quiero, decidi que es mejor elegir una plantilla existente y modificar el código para que se parezca al diseño que tenía pensado.

Así que, si recién te cruzar con esta pagina o justo hoy fue el dia que decidiste pasar a ver “en que andaba”… perdon por el desorden. Me voy a tomar los próximos días para darle un nuevo corte de pelo al blog, y con suerte, no romper nada en el camino.
Mientras tanto…. aca les dejo un gato….

Mateando at Albert Park (1 year anniversary)

As of today, I have been officially one whole year on kiwi soil.
I have seen a lot of Argentinians and Latin American people in Auckland in the past few months, not only my personal group of friends, but on the streets, the beach, etc.. And lately I’ve been feeling that once we leave our country we began to fall into a pattern. I know not everyone might feel the same, so this is my sole opinion.

It’s like no matter the circumstances we left our country (good or bad), we begin to get homesick and start doing absolutely everything we can to feel closer to home; every stereotypical thing from our country. Getting together and watching football or rugby matches every time our team plays, know by heart which days each market has a stall of argentinian empanadas, getting to the darkest convenience store and cut deals with the dodgy store manager to be the first one to get Dulce de Leche or Palmitos (palm trees hearts) drink Mates, or my case, do all of them.

I have followed every step of the How to become the perfect argentinian in 10 simple steps imaginary book and did absolutely everything I either hated doing back home or just didn’t enjoy, specially….drinking mates. For all non-southamerican readers: The mate is a traditional South American drink and It is prepared from steeping dried leaves yerba mate in hot water, served with a metal straw from a shared hollow gourd. Its tradition to share the mates and if you are within a group of people they all use the same gourd.


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Failing at sport (Color run)

If you knew me, you would know I’m not the one for sports, never was (my own mother calls me jandal, since I’m useless for sports) Countless times I set myself to go to the gym, star a new activity,  MOVE, and countless times I failed at it. Last Sunday was meant to be different, was the day I was to run my first 5k…but then again, I failed.


The story actually began when I got home early from work one day, really tired, and in a really bad mood. Le boyfriend was home too, playing video games with some of his mates from Argentina. To make it short, when he plays he gets really into it, and most of the times he shouts and since he was wearing his noise cancelling headphones, he shouted louder and couldn’t hear me asking him to lower his voice . So, instead of ripping the keyboard against his head, I put on my gym clothes, stepped into the treadmill put some music on and ran to blow some steam, and ran and ran and ran, until I realized there had been and hour since I started.

I heard about the “Color race” a few days after, 5k, no time limit, no age restriction, for runners, walkers, even dancer, each km with a color station, were volunteers throw colored cornstarch at you. It felt fun and it looked like you didn’t have to commit to it that much, and two days before I done 5ks, so I signed in.

You what?!  – Yes, I signed in and trained for it. I actually trained 2 to 3 times a week and last Thursday I timed myself and realized that I actually lowered my initial timing by 10 minutes. Yay me! But then…the universe happens.

Turns out, yesterday (Monday) was Auckland Anniversary… happy b-day AKL btw, and the people from Auckland transport decided it was a good idea to cancel all trains, and the buses that “replaced” those trains didn’t get to where the race was held, to pretty much I had a 2.30hs drive by bus to get there and the same back, it was all complicated and in the end I ended up not going…. see why I fail at life?

I had planned for this post to be completely different, with fun photos of painted people, with success stories, with tips and facts of the run, so here are some images of what it could have been. Here is the start line…. (see if you can find me) that unicorn/pig men was SUPER FUN!


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