Pasta la Vista Baby

I’m half italian – half spanish, Le Boyfriend is half italian, quarter french and quarter spanish, Europe is in our blood, but mostly Italy, and what is Italy known for… Pasta.


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Life is not a Pastafrola (+recipe)

If you ask an Argentinian to describe another Argentinian there are two possible outcomes:
We are cocky, we think we are the best on anything and we can talk ourselves from any situation. We are eternal pessimists, that’s why we always see the glass half empty and because of our unfortunate economic history we believe that makes us experts in matters such as politics and economy. For that reason we will always complain, complain about the job market, food and gas prices, politicians, security, TV shows, weather, etc. we love to complain.

on the other hand… (and I’d like to put myself in this group)

Some may say we know how to enjoy the little things in life, we have fun (that’s why many bands want to go to play to Arg. we are a great crowd) We love to spend time with family and friends, slow down, unwind, eat long lunches, spend the necessary time getting the “Asado” ready, sit down and have a glass of wine or spend entire afternoons chatting and drinking ‘mate’ with friends. Might be the Italian roots, but food bring us together. Because “Life is not a Pastafrola” (Life is not a piece of cake), we are melancholics, we know it, but we will make the most of it.


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Goodbye doctor ( fish fingers and custard)

[Doctor Who is a show by the bbc, that features the adventures of a “time lord” and his companions through time and space. Whenever he is about to die he regenerates into another body, ergo another actor. When a regeneration occurs, even though the Doctor remains essentially the same each regeneration has its own tastes, likes and dislikes and what worked for one doctor might not work for another. When the tenth doctor regenerated into Matt Smith eleventh, he meets a young Amelia Pond who tries to cook him some food, failing miserably until the doctor realize his fondness of fish fingers with custard. This has become an icon for the fans]

Yes, the day has come for us, fellow whovians to say goodbye to eleven. On Christmas day the bbc aired Doctor Who’s Christmas special were the doctor will regenerate once again and we will be introduced to the twelfth doctor (even though we had the chance to see a sneak peak on the 50th special.) I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but what better way to honor Matt Smith’s journey that with some fish fingers and custard.


I know what you are thinking (gross) but instead of actual fish fingers i will make fish sticks look alike cookies. This are really simple to make and it’s a great idea if you are trying to recreate the dish without exactly using fish fingers.

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Christmas cookies ( + recipe)

Christmas is just around the corner!

I thought it was a great time to get into the christmas spirit and do some baking, and I thought I wouldn’t be much of a host if I didn’t share this great chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve used it for years, usually to do round basic cookies, but since Im not a fan of xmas sugar cookies, I have used this recipe to do my own version.


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