Monthly Favourites [July]

July went by as quite a uneventful month, nothing really going on, cold, rainy night, not many events of sorts, so we are just simply hibernating our way to spring. When trying to figure out which my favourites were for the month I really though I was not going to find anything, I pretty much slept, eat and read the whole month, but the more a though about it I realized I actually have quite a lot of things for this months, so I narrowed it down to a few things to share with you.

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Monthly Favourites [June]

Last month I wrote I wasn’t quite sure if I should continue with the monthly favourites since they didn’t seem as appealing  as the rest of the posts, but as it turns out you do like them, so welcome once again to my Monthly Favourites (June edition) This was a weird month, it seemed that it started yesterday and it went by super quick, but I do have some picks for you.

– Sorted Food

These guys need no introduction, they’ve been around forever now and have a huge fan base all over the interwebz. They are Barry, Ben, Mike and Jamie from the uk and they have an amazing youtube channel were they created some of the best and easiest recipes ever. Plus they are funny as hell, which makes their videos easy and fun to watch. (The image above has a link to their youtube channel…so go take a look)

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Monthly Favourites [May]

It’s time for another monthly favourites!

To be honest I was about to “retire” this section of the blog because I felt you people…yes YOU… weren’t that exited or wasn’t something that caught your attention. Until last month, where my monthly favourites was almost the most view post of the month. So I’m going to give it another go, if it goes well or if you want them to stay, I will continue with my favorites if not, we can consider this one…the last one. Let’s start!

– Hannibal
Looks like Le Boyfriend keeps finding great TV shows to watch. Now that we are finally done with Dexter I guess we were needing a bit of blood. (Just kidding) Hannibal is focus on Will Graham, who is a criminal profiler with such a vivid imagination he can put himself in the mind of the killer to find them and it’s psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, brilliant forensic psychiatrist, culinarian… and a cannibalistic serial killer. If you have a free night give it a go. (Though it might not be a good idea if you are impressionable) 

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Monthly Favourites [April]

They say April showers bring May Flowers, in my case April was a tornado that shook everything, cleared it up and gave me a clean slate to star over. New job, new projects, new places and new friends. So I guess this time, the whole month was a favourite, but I choose a few things to share with you.

– The north remembers:

Finally! After waiting a whole year Game of thrones started again, with a whole lot of expectation, new characters, dreaded old ones, unexpected turns of events, surprises and we haven’t even reached  reached half of the season yet.

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Monthly Favourites [March]

Another month gone by… filled with re-designs, mayor decision making, a fair amount of stress and the realization of the imminent… Winter…IS coming… So try to make the best of whatever time is left and let me share with you my March Monthly favourites

– The Fault in our stars
I’ve heard about this book TOO much… before it was published, when it arrived in stores, and now that the movie is coming out. Everything I’ve heard was “This book will ruin your life” The saddest thing I’ve ever read” and “I’ve found myself balling my eyes out in a plane full of people”

So to be honest, that wasn’t much of an encouragement to read it, but I’m curious (or a masochist) and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. The truth is, I didn’t find it so heart breaking (oh no she didn’t…) maybe I’ve read enough to desensitize myself from this kind of stories. Still I think John Green, created beautiful characters and I just loved the dialogs between them, but even thought it was a sad story I was kind of expecting the end, so it didn’t hurt me so much. I still want see how the movie turns out.Okay?

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Monthly Favorites [February]

I’ve been doing some serious thinking, and you may remember that at the beginning of the month I wrote a blog post on the things I would want to do on February, but I realized that not everything is possible and it would be really complicated and boring to you to read one post on what do I want to do and another on “if I’ve done it”. So, as from now I will do one post at the end of each month on my monthly favourites.

– Frozen
Let it go! Let it go!
Thank you Disney. It’s been a while since I enjoyed an animated movie like this one. One get used to the old Disney classics that are focused on Love at first sight, were the bad guys are really bad, and the good one…well.. they are snow-white, a lot of singing and everyone searching for the same thing: Love. But lately Disney films are changing, the character a much more real, the reactions are more real, in Tangled you have one character that wonders why everyone just starts singing suddenly and in Frozen you have one character asked over and over again why would she marry someone she literary just met. [Message or my sister: Go watch it… no no, stop what ever you are doing…and go watch it]

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One month down, eleven to go…
Im pretty pleased with myself, I promised I would write at least 2 post per week and I kept it.

January was a pretty good month (must admit having my birthday was a big plus) summer is here, you can go to beach every weekend and the city is full of things to do.
But I expect more for February, more travel, more adventure, more books, more late night movies, and more interesting projects.

Here is my Must Do  list for the month ( lest see how many of these I can achieve)

Movies: All Oscars nominees (at least best film)
Books: The faults in our stars  by John Green & The book thief  by Markus Zusak
Travel: More beaches, Matamata (Hobbiton)
Projects: Redesign my personal website
Health: Less coffee, more water. Stay away from the chips!
Fitness: Start running aging set my goal to 10K
Activities: Start cooking again, Find a job closer to my line of study.

Do you have any TO DO things for this month or have something to advise?

[Spanish version]

Un mes complete, once mas por pasar…
Me siento bastante satisfecha conmigo misma, me prometí que iba a escribir por lo menos 2 posteos por semana, y hasta ahora lo vengo cumpliendo.
Enero fue un muy buen mes, (debo admitir que festejar mi cumpleaños sumo mucho) ya estamos en verano, podes ir a la playa todos los fines de semana y la ciudad esta llena de cosas para hacer. Pero espero aun más de Febrero, más viajes, más aventuras, más libros, más peliculas de trasnoche, y más y más proyectos interesantes.
Esta es mi lista de cosas para hacer este mes ( veamos cuantas logró completar)

Peliculas: Todas las nominadas al oscar (por lo menos las nominadas a mejor película)
Libros: Bajo la misma estrella (The faults in our stars) por John Green & El ladron de libros (The book thief)  por Markus Zusak
Viajes: Más playas, Matamata (Hobbiton)
Proyectos: Rediseñar mi web personal
Salud: Menos café, más agua. Alejarme de las papas fritas!
Ejercicio:Empezar a correr otra vez. Intentar subir mi limite a 10k
Actividades: Empezar a cocinar otra vez, conseguir otro trabajo cercano a mis estudios.