Industrial Brunch

I think I’ve declared my love affair with brunch quite a while ago, i don’t know if its the fact that you can eat that much during breakfast hours and get away with it, or maybe because otherwise i wouldn’t be caught dead eating eggs, potatoes or bacon this early.

A few Sundays back, le boyfriend and I woke up early…again…thanks to that god forsaking bell right across our window (i mean really who was the one who decided is was a good idea to have a bell ringing since 8am every 15 minutes!) anyways… we woke up early and I’ve manage to convince him to go out for brunch and we ended going to Everybody’s in Fort Lane.


We spent so many night’s at Everybody’s (specially with F&T) but usually we went for drinks on the upper floor and maybe some nibbles, but never paid any attention to the industrial feel of the downstairs area, each table has its own light, which looks like tiny robot soldiers. We had a half an hour conversation on how would those “soldiers” would guard a wall on a dystopian future where the sole survivors of the human race are kept within a walled city against….well I really went off on a tangent there…


( the guy you walked in with the Pug and made me…for once… Awwwed for a kid playing with a dog)

[Spanish Version]

Creo que ya declaré mi amor hacia el brunch hace bastante tiempo, no sé si es el hecho de que podes comer tanto durante el desayuno y salirte con la tuya, o tal vez porque de lo contrario no podria comer huevos, panceta o papa tan temprano

Unos domingos atrás, le novio y yo nos despertamos temprano … otra vez … gracias a esa maldita campana que da a nuestra ventana (realmente quién fue el que decidió es era una buena idea tener una campana sonando desde las 8 a.m. cada 15 minutos…15 minutos!) de todos modos … nos despertamos temprano, logré convencerlo de salir a desayunar afuera y  terminamos yendo a Everybody’s (Todos) en Fort Lane.

Pasamos tantas noche en Everybody’s (especialmente con F & T), pero por lo general fuimos por algunos tragos en la planta superior y tal vez algo chiquito para comer, pero nunca le preste atención a la decoracion industrial de la entrada, cada mesa tiene su propia luz, que parecen como pequeños soldados robots.Creo que tuvimos una conversación de media hora sobre cómo serían esos “soldados” que cuidan una pared en un futuro distópico donde los únicos supervivientes de la raza humana viven es una ciudad amurallada contra …. bueno me fui un poco por las ramas…

Hasta la proxima. Jules.-






2 thoughts on “Industrial Brunch

  1. Is the monster pile their big breakfast? It looks very good.

    The Koala loves big breakfasts but hasn’t had much success lately. I think big breakfasts in Auckland are shrinking. The price goes up, the portions go down. I think when you pay $20+ for a big breakfast, you expect to be properly full. I never eat breakfast in the morning, but mid morning brunch I can do 🙂

    I think you are a real kiwi when you love brunch like this!


    • hahah monster pile..
      yeah I think you had a choice or 3 different type of sausage, rye or ciabatta bread, bacon, mushrooms, chive and potato hashbrowns and I cant really remember what else…
      I agree I remember le boyfriend telling me he had big breakfast for lunch when he first arrived but lately I found the Big BF are not that big (at least not to fulfil a hungry boyfriend during lunch)


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