Who said dieting sucked?

Given that my laziness stuck again and I couldn’t move my butt two blocks away to go to the lantern festival (the night part of it) I was left with no blog post for today. And since I promised I was going to do at least two posts per week I feel the need to at least share something.

So… when I first moved to new zealand (over a year ago…) Le Boyfriend took me for dinner with some argentinian friends, they all had the same thing to say. No, it was not welcome or some tips on what to do in the city, it was “In the first 7 months you are going to gain 14 pounds (7 kilos).” Nice huh? I’d just finish my university thesis and due to stress, nerves and pretty much Zombie Living for a few months I had lost a considerable amount of weight, so I was determined to keep it that way, no matter what they said.

To my surprise I didn’t consider that here the food is different from Argentina, the cheeses and milk are heavier, the bread slices are thicker and there is a cheeky little place called Burger Fuel, that for all of you healthy eaters….is hell. So after those 7 months I gained almost 20 pounds (10 kilos) I’ve been slowly trying to get back to my usual weight by trying to do more home cooked meals instead of take out and by going to the gym, but I didn’t take it really seriously and the truth is, I can try 500 diets but I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Luckily, a month ago a friend of a friend came to live to new zealand (I don’t think you have noticed….but we are pretty much invading the island) and she is a nutritionist, so Le Boyfriend and I asked her if she could set a diet for us and help us track our progress. I was prepared for the worst, like a month of iceberg lettuce eating and forbidden foods but she actually came up with a diet that we can “create ourselves” she just gave us food combination and portions. So I’ve been trying my best in the kitchen to come up with some tasty dishes that are part of the diet. And as for now Le boyfriend lost 2 kilos and I lost 1.5 in a week, so I guess something is working.

What do you think of my cooking skills?






That last one was actually king of gross, but I love going to the supermarket and see what weird fruit I can bring back home, I also got a giant grapefruit but I forgot to take a picture (it was the size of my head)

[Spanish Version]

Dado que mi vagancia ganó una vez más y no me pude caminar dos cuadras para ir al Lantern Festival por el año nuevo chino, me quede sin posteo para hoy. Y como me prometí que iba a escribir por lo menos dos veces por semana siento que tengo que al menos contarles algo.
Cuando llegue a Nueva Zelanda por primera vez (hace un año ya) Le novio me llevo a cenar con el grupo de argentinos que conoció aca, lo primero que me dijeron todos fue lo mismo. No, no fue Bienvenida o algún consejo sobre la ciudad, fue “En los primero 7 meses vas a engordar 7 kilos” Copados no? Recien habia terminado mi carrera universitaria y por estres, nervios o simplemente haber vivido como un zombie durante meses habia bajado considerablemente de peso, así que estaba determinada a mantenerme de esa manera a pesar de lo que ellos dijeran.
Claramente no concidere que la comida es un poco diferente a la de Argentina, los quesos y leche son más “Enteros”, las tostadas son más anchas y hay una hamburguesería  llamada Burger Fuel, que puede ser considerada un templo de perdición. Asi que despues de esos 7 meses habia subido casi 10 kilos. Estuve tratando de volver a mi peso normal desde entonces, cocinando comidas más caseras en vez de pedir delivery y yendo al gimnasio, pero la verdad que no lo tome muy enserio y podria probar 500 dietas pero realmente no tengo mucha idea de lo que estoy haciendo.
Por suerte, hace un mes llegó de Argentina, una amiga de una amiga que es nutricionista (por si no se dieron cuenta todavía…estamos prácticamente invadiendo la isla) así que Le Novio y yo le pedimos si nos podía preparar una dieta acorde y controlarnos quincenalmente. Estaba Preparada para lo peor… ensaladas de lechuga y comidas prohibidas, pero la verdad que nos dio algo para que nosotros nos preparemos nuestras propias comidas, simplemente ella nos dio las porciones y las mezclas entre alimentos. Así que desde hace casi dos semana que estoy tratando de sacar a mi chef interior y cocinar ricos platos que sean parte de la dieta. Y hasta ahora Le Novio bajo 2 kilos y yo 1.5 asi que algo está funcionando.
A todo esto… que piensas de mis cualidades culinarias?
Para ser sincera esa última fruta era bastante asquerosa, pero me encanta ir a los supermercados y ver con que fruta bizarra puedo volver.Tambien consegui un pomelo gigante pero me olvide de sacarle una foto (tenía el tamaño de mi cabeza.)


2 thoughts on “Who said dieting sucked?

  1. I refuse to try fad diets, but I enjoy eating unprocessed, whole foods. I think incorporating physical activity into your life is good but the idea of going to gym bores me. I have never been to a gym. Ever.

    Instead, I walk everywhere. I walk to and from work. I walk to the market, I walk to the city. I’m even trying to walk up a mountain once or twice a week for exercise.

    p.s. What did the horned melon taste like? It looks a bit like passionfruit pulp.


    • it was really weird, it tasted half as pear and half as kiwi. But it was so difficult to eat that I ended giving it to my boyfriend, it was to slimy :S


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