Let’s talk food, shall we…
It seems New Zealand (specially Auckland) is a great place for food, there are always great new places and restaurants to try and there is always some event related to it. I already talked about the weekend markets, but there are also cooking competitions or food festival every way you look.
I guess this was no exception. Last Monday Auckland’s anniversary was the perfect excuse to held the ABS Seafood FEASTival (ah…see what you did there) at the Wynyard Quarter, next to the Waitemata Harbour. This particular festival, donates its proceeds to charity. (If someone is interested I will leave a link to this years below)


There was a series of stalls with different kind of seafood, cooking classes, kitchen appliances presentation, there was one guy who actually talked about spices and of course, drinks…for the cheap price of $3 you could buy your own wine glass and walked around trying wines.


And now please, if you suffer from a condition of FOOD EXCITEMENT please restrain yourself.


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Failing at sport (Color run)

If you knew me, you would know I’m not the one for sports, never was (my own mother calls me jandal, since I’m useless for sports) Countless times I set myself to go to the gym, star a new activity,  MOVE, and countless times I failed at it. Last Sunday was meant to be different, was the day I was to run my first 5k…but then again, I failed.


The story actually began when I got home early from work one day, really tired, and in a really bad mood. Le boyfriend was home too, playing video games with some of his mates from Argentina. To make it short, when he plays he gets really into it, and most of the times he shouts and since he was wearing his noise cancelling headphones, he shouted louder and couldn’t hear me asking him to lower his voice . So, instead of ripping the keyboard against his head, I put on my gym clothes, stepped into the treadmill put some music on and ran to blow some steam, and ran and ran and ran, until I realized there had been and hour since I started.

I heard about the “Color race” a few days after, 5k, no time limit, no age restriction, for runners, walkers, even dancer, each km with a color station, were volunteers throw colored cornstarch at you. It felt fun and it looked like you didn’t have to commit to it that much, and two days before I done 5ks, so I signed in.

You what?!  – Yes, I signed in and trained for it. I actually trained 2 to 3 times a week and last Thursday I timed myself and realized that I actually lowered my initial timing by 10 minutes. Yay me! But then…the universe happens.

Turns out, yesterday (Monday) was Auckland Anniversary… happy b-day AKL btw, and the people from Auckland transport decided it was a good idea to cancel all trains, and the buses that “replaced” those trains didn’t get to where the race was held, to pretty much I had a 2.30hs drive by bus to get there and the same back, it was all complicated and in the end I ended up not going…. see why I fail at life?

I had planned for this post to be completely different, with fun photos of painted people, with success stories, with tips and facts of the run, so here are some images of what it could have been. Here is the start line…. (see if you can find me) that unicorn/pig men was SUPER FUN!


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Emerging Pixels….FAIL

I get weekly emails from a website called Concrete playground and Big Little City with events and things to do in the city. In one of those emails I saw there was an interactive exhibition in the Aotea centre called “Emerging pixels” and I thought it was a good idea to go, maybe take a few photos even some videos and do a blog post. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be a total fail.

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Update on blog post and Spanish Versions

Turn out that in spite of my attempts to keep this blog to myself and the interwebz my parents found my blog….and now my aunts and uncles….and probably my grandma… so by now I can say that at least 7/8s of my whole family knows about this blog. (Hey there…) And they have suggested (pretty much “told me to”) that I write the posts in spanish for them or for anyone reading in Argentina, because the translator doesn’t work. I feel 12 again when you parent find our you have a secret diary with 30 pages of you writing your name as Mrs. Brad Pitt.

So now I have to translate all my previous post into spanish and all future post will have a “Spanish version” at the bottom.

There is a reason why I write in english, I write better in english… so if this is what you read.. imagine my spanish.

As for the rest of the schedule, I will try to continue doing 2 or 3 post per week, probably on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

[Spanish Version]

Resulta que a pesar de mis intentos de mantener este blog privado o solo para “la internez” mis padres encontraron mi blog… y lo contaron a mis tíos…y a mi abuela… y hasta el momento se que por lo menos 7/8 de mi familia sabe sobre esta pagina (hooolaa) Y sugirieron (mas bien “me dijeron que”) debería escribir los posteos es castellano porque para quienes no leen en ingles es mas facil que traducirlo, porque el traductor no funciona siempre bien. Me siento de 12 años otra vez, cuando tus papas encontraban tu diario íntimo donde tenias 30 hojas escritas haciendote llamar Señora de Brad Pitt. 

Así que tendré que traducir al español los posteos hechos hasta ahora y a partir de hoy todos los futuros posteos van a tener una versión en español al final. Intentare hacerlo lo más rápido posible y seguir con el calendario de 2 o 3 posteos semanales, probablemente los Martes, Jueves y Domingos. Hay una razón por la cual escribo en ingles…. escribo mejor en ingles, y ya de por si escribo mal… asi que imaginense mi español.

Movie Nights at Silo Park

On summer nights, the Silo park puts together free cinema sessions. Every Friday they project a movie on one of it’s unused silos for an open-air cinema session right across the Harbour bridge.


Last Friday I went for the first time, I wanted to go see “The nightmare before Christmas” screening but something got in the way…ok…cocktails….cocktails got in the way…jeezz. So, after researching the schedule, we went last Friday to see “Spirited Away” which I had heard that as a designer/illustrator I HAD to see.


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What the F*ck are Cronuts?!

This was said to me today  “Imagine if an american donuts and a french croissant met at a party, dance for a while, flirt, eventually have sex, one got pregnant and they had a delicious jelly/cream filled baby….well…that’s a cronut.” – Wait what?!

Yes, this is the definition of cronut given to me by the girl at the coffee shop when I asked what the hell they were, and I really thought her head was going to explode.. “OMG, You don’t know?!” I guess that was the first sign, and after hearing the “definition” I’ve just should have walked backwards to the door and GTFO (get the f*ck out) But no, I had to be a sarcastic b*tch.. “OMG, NO WAY…give me two, that’s sooo creative” and that they story of how I got two cronuts back home.


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Happy Birthday to me!

I’m officially 24 years old, and its been almost a year since I moved to New Zealand. I know it must be super lame to do a blog post congratulating myself on being older, but I have as from today, one whole year to do everything I ever wanted to do, before I turn 25 and become and old bitter cat lady.

Not really, well I hope so… I don’t like cats.

Shakespeare Park

Hey, look at me already keeping my new years resolutions. Today’s post will be simple and short.
I just wanted to shared a few photos of Shakespeare park, in the north shore of Auckland.


We went with some friends the day after new years, and even though i thought i’ve taken a lost of images of the scenery, most turn out to be of my friends. And i really doubt the girls will be happy if i showcase them in their bikinis.


We saw a group of women (and a few men) doing some traditional dances, and let me tell you… even though I come from a latin country, and latinos are known for their dance skills, I swear I could never start to imitate those women hip moments, incredible. So I hope you like them and please let me know in the comments if there are any parks in Auckland worth seeing.



[Spanish version]

Que bien, ya estoy cumpliendo mis promesas de año nuevo. El posteo de año va a ser simple y corto, simplemente quería compartir algunas fotos del Shakespeare Park, en el norte the Auckland.

Fuimos el dia despues de año nuevo y a pesar que crei que habia sacado miles de fotos del lugar, resultó que la gran mayoría fueron fotos de mis amigos; y no creo que las chicas esten muy felices si comparto con la internet sus fotos en bikinis.

Vimos un grupo de mujeres (y algunos hombres) practicando algunos bailes Maori tradicionales, y déjenme decirles… a pesas que vengo de un país latino, y la gente latina es reconocida por sus capacidades de bailes (en especial los brasileros y colombianos), juro que nunca podria ni siquiera empezar a imitar los movimiento de cadera de esas mujeres, increible. Así que espero les guste y dejenme saber en los comentario si hay otros parques en Auckland que valgan la pena.

Selling Dreams

Happy 2014 everyone!

I have decided (as kind of a new years resolution) to push myself and do at least two/three blog post per week. Truth is… I’ve been slacking. So I’ve been gathering content all over the city and planning some trips to bring the most of the country to you.


But first, lets talk art… because if you are staying in Auckland, or passing by until the 28th February, you want to know about this. It’s crazy how I, being the art/museum freak I am, have never been to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It’s been almost a year since I came to New Zealand and I’ve never set foot on it, so, add another one to my new years resolutions. – “More Museums please.”


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