Goodbye doctor ( fish fingers and custard)

[Doctor Who is a show by the bbc, that features the adventures of a “time lord” and his companions through time and space. Whenever he is about to die he regenerates into another body, ergo another actor. When a regeneration occurs, even though the Doctor remains essentially the same each regeneration has its own tastes, likes and dislikes and what worked for one doctor might not work for another. When the tenth doctor regenerated into Matt Smith eleventh, he meets a young Amelia Pond who tries to cook him some food, failing miserably until the doctor realize his fondness of fish fingers with custard. This has become an icon for the fans]

Yes, the day has come for us, fellow whovians to say goodbye to eleven. On Christmas day the bbc aired Doctor Who’s Christmas special were the doctor will regenerate once again and we will be introduced to the twelfth doctor (even though we had the chance to see a sneak peak on the 50th special.) I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but what better way to honor Matt Smith’s journey that with some fish fingers and custard.


I know what you are thinking (gross) but instead of actual fish fingers i will make fish sticks look alike cookies. This are really simple to make and it’s a great idea if you are trying to recreate the dish without exactly using fish fingers.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a wonderful day, and enjoy with your family, friends or however you wish to spend it.

I will continue with regular posts after the holidays.


Britomart Market

With the weekend around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about markets. Every weekend, all around New Zealand you’ll be able to find a market, specially around Auckland, but today I want to focus specially on Saturday Britomart Market.


The market itself its every saturday from 8am to 12.30pm at the back of the Britomart Train Station and usually features all kind of stalls with delicatessen, it is placed across the pavillion (if you’ve read my previous post on Britomart is where the bean bags are placed. )


Every time I went there was a singer or a performer beside the actual market, and in the stalls, you can find all different kind of goods, from coffee shops, to flowers, to hummus, and “my personal favorites” Argentina pies (empanadas)  The stall is run by two argentinian guys and they usually have the “classic flavors,” unfortunately they are not every Saturday.  I really wished I’d go more often, because they have a really lovely selection of fruit and veggies, and there is a stall with cheeses to die for.


Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know in the comment below if you’ll ever how to Britomart Market or if you have market in you city. Jules.-

Christmas cookies ( + recipe)

Christmas is just around the corner!

I thought it was a great time to get into the christmas spirit and do some baking, and I thought I wouldn’t be much of a host if I didn’t share this great chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve used it for years, usually to do round basic cookies, but since Im not a fan of xmas sugar cookies, I have used this recipe to do my own version.


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Down the rabbit hole…

As most of you are aware, Christmas is coming, which means I get to do the thing I love the most (without guilt)…that is giving presents, and at the same time I get to do the most stressful, mind-wrecking thing….that is choosing presents.
So I went on an adventure though the streets of Auckland, to find a nice christmas present for le boyfriend and of course I couldn’t find anything that convince me enough. “Im pretty sure i can get something online he’ll like, anyways” was my final thought, so I gave up and start walking back home. I starting walking with my head down, like I had just lost a battle, when I saw a window.

Just a small window next to the ground, full of toys. And I thought it was pretty weird because the shop above it was a women’s clothing line that was very different to these kind of toys. So, as you do, I starting following the little windows until I reach a black door that lead to a staircase to a underground floor. And after going through all the different scenarios were I went down and I end up kidnapped by a group of Russian dwarfs and forced to make toys for the rest of my life, I decided to walk down. And what a great decision.


The windows were actually from a design store called design vault, and it was filled with notebooks, toys, watched, and funny novelty gifts and while I was walking around the shop, I came across this amazing Alice in wonderland postcards, the only ones I could find and the ones you will see in the following photos but I guess there should be more.



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Kikki.K + swedish design = Happiness

[Disclaimer: Im not, in any way sponsored by, or was asked to do any advertisement on this brand, this is just my humble opinion on something I really wanted to share with you. If I ever get asked by anybody to create a post on a certain place or product I will add a note to the post explaining it]

As you already know (or not… I don’t know for how long you’ve been reading this blog) I am a graphic designer & illustrator, so I’m naturally bound to love great design and pretty things. Back in Argentina there are not so many stationary or “design” stores, so when I first set foot on a Kikki.k shop my reaction was pretty much this one….

I feel like Im a Bauhaus-swedish cleancut design type of girl, so my relationship with this brand was something that was meant to be, and I mean…. come on, who in their right mind wouldn’t LOVE a store that looks like this?!


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Northland (Paihia and Central Auckland)

Hello everybody,

This will be the last post on our trip to the northland. Last time I finished my post when we arrived to Pahia, after a quick stop at the Haruru Falls. We arrived as early as we could and set up our minds to find a hotel quickly (we didn’t want to spend another night drinking our arses off to not go to our rooms.)

And let me tell you something, never…ever underestimate a former job, no matter how much you might have hatted it. The couple that traveled with us had worked for a few months in a hostel in Pahia when they first moved to New Zealand, their contract was what they called “Work for accommodation” (which mean that instead of paying them, or paying them fully, they could live in the hostel and not pay rent) they did not completely hatted it but they had some not so nice moments they told us about. Anyway…. we went there, we thought that it was a good idea since they already knew the place, it turns out that because the guy at front desk remember they had worked there, they gave us a former employee  discount and we stayed in a HUGE room. (big enough for 8 people)

DSC_0022 (2)

After leaving our bags in the hostel room, we went out for lunch to a little cafe across the waterfront (the above photo was actually taken from the cafe’s deck where we were eating) We had some lovely fish and chips and some tasty prawn salad and we run off to the ferry terminal to cross to Russell for some ice cream and sightseeing.


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Britomart (part 1) The Pavillions + VIP shopping spree day

Hello Everyone,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is part one, I really think the WHOLE of Britomart couldn’t fit into one single post, so I divided it into a few of them, and this one specifically will be about the Pavillions and the VIP shopping spree that was held on the 21 of November. After almost two month now living next to Britomart Station (Auckland), it would be only fair to write about the Britomart Pavillion, since it is where I spend most of my time I want to go for a stroll. A few Thursdays back I had the chance to attend it’s VIP shopping spree (day) and thought it would be a great day to go take some pictures, since they were all trying to look it best for the event.


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