Northland (Opononi to Pahia)

It’s time to continue with our trip through the Northland. This time, the road from Opononi to Paihia.

Last post ended with us going through the Waipoua Forrest. After almost a two hour drive we reached it’s end and continued out trip to Opononi, I think the following picture will explain ten times better what an amazing view we got when we reach the entrance to the town. Opononi is a really small town, there is not much to do (in a tourist point of view) but it has the most amazing view ever.


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M.A.C Divine Night (Smith & Caugheys)

Last night I had the chance to attend M.A.C’s Divine night, where they introduced their new collection. I think it would be unfair to begin this blog post without first  giving a big shout out to the ladies from M.A.C, because they were amazing. I had the chance to talk with a few of them while I got my face done as well and they were so friendly and helpful.

The event itself was hosted in the M.A.C space in Smith & Caugheys, which is one of Auckland oldest department stores, (it’s been around 130 years.) Probably one the “Must see’s” in every Auckland city guide. But I wouldn’t recommend buying there if you are a backpacker, given that is a High end store and it can be a bit pricey.


The room was packed, it was full of ladies trying out the new collection and we all were amazingly treated with champagne and nibbles. It was hard at first to get hold of some of the girls to talk and show me the new collection because all of these ladies were so excited that they keep the girls for themselves. (I was able to get my face done when the room was more empty by the end)


For the collection itself, I have to be honest I wasn’t much of a fan because usually I don’t use glittery eye shadows and blushes, I tend to prefer matte colours and the Divine collection had some pretty shimmer pigments, but nevertheless, what I did love was how the duets were put together. I was a bit worried on how the black and gold would work because I know that, personally, I would make a mess and mix both colours in less that a week.



All of the girls were wearing the same makeup using the new Divine Collection, and the second I set foot into the store I fell in love with the lipstick they were wearing and of course I sinned and purchased it in the first 15 minutes.  The colour I’ve got is the Divine Collection “Private Party“, that is a Dark Plum Mauve, It’s a matte colour and really pigmented. I put on some today in the early morning when I went to work (say 7.30am) and just touched it up a bit after lunch and its now 6.16pm and it’s still perfectly on. I tend to be quite lazy and don’t do a lot of touch ups so I was really pleased with the duration on the lipstick. (I’m a heavy coffee drinker so I would use up all my lipsticks if I had to touch up every time they run off)


When the venue got less crowded I was able to get one of the girls and got two different looks done. First,  I met Roshm and we used as a base, the lipstick the I was wearing (that was the Private Party, that I had previously bought) and she paired it with some eyeshadow. Bare in mind that I’m a brunette with very a fair skin tone (and some freckles) and have dark green eyes. So, after we went through the kind of colours I liked, if I preferred matte or shimmer colours, she picked up two tones that would pair perfectly with the Mauve lipstick and my face, the first one (Haux) was a pale pink, with a bit of shimmer, that she apply all over the eyelid and the second one (Sketch) was a darker plum that she apply only on the crease of the eye and under the waterline.

[Disclaimer: The light in the following two images was different so the colour may look more dark and saturated]

Lipstick - Private Party Eyeshadow - Sketch

Lipstick – Private Party , Eyeshadow – Sketch

Second look was quite different, (because the first one turn out to be quite cold and I’d imagine I would wear that more for winter or night) and I got with one of the other girls and got a 1950’s rockabilly inspired look, I really suck at names and I can remember the other MAC Artist name, but she was Scottish and had this amazing accent (so if you happen to read this, sorry, and comment below or send me an email with your name please!) She used the same pink eye shadow as a base (Haux) and a darker bronze tone for the crease (Twinks) she used black gel eyeliner to do a thick winged line on my eyes and finished up with some blusher and red lipstick. For the lip she used the colour Russian Red, which is by far the best red lipstick i’ve found, because it has a blue tone so this make it a darker richer red. Most of the red lipsticks I’ve tried were red with orange tones so they very bright and they didn’t suit me at all. So If I had to recommend any red lipstick I would recommend the Russian Red, hands down.

Lipstick - Russian Red, Eyeshadow - Twinks

Lipstick – Russian Red, Eyeshadow – Twinks

To sum up I had an incredible night, lots of fun. Once again the girls were great, and if have the chance to go to Smith and Caugheys, go and let me know what do you think. I will leave some more images of the other products on the store because I think they look great and even thought they are not part of this collection the colour are incredible and worth trying out.






Auckland Findings

Lately, between work and lack of time I wasn’t able to walk around the city, always the same route, home to work, work to home, maybe the gym or the same bar on the weekends.

So today, in sake of Auckland’s art week I decided to get my camera out and start walking, and it’s funny because usually when people go sightseeing or travel to some place for the first time…. they look up.

They follow the buildings, they see the sky, they are wondered with the lights and the sun and the amazing things the horizon shows…but to me, specially today, the most amazing things, “the secrets” of the city (if you want to call it that way) can be found looking down. Down a staircase, in the corner of a “dodgy” street, next to a sewer, in the bottom of a light post, there, is where you can find the soul of a city.






Hope you like it.

Next post will continue the trip to the northland (that is if I stop watching videos in youtube and actually sit down to write)

Let me know what do you think or if you have any ideas for me to do next.

Tapas Tapas Tapas!

If you are easily tempted by food ignore the following photos.

Just a quick update on this amazing dishes I found at Tasca. A spanish restaurant located in NewMarket, Auckland. This is a great place to go have some quick tapas, we order about five tapa dishes and some shoestring fries to share between four people and we were pretty full so i guess that’s a good ratio to keep in mind if you order tapas at this restaurant.

And of course no spanish meal is complete with a red wine sangria! So bottoms up and let me know if you ever came to this restaurant or if you can recommend another one.

Pan Tomaquen (grilled bread with tomato sauce)

Pan Tomaquen (grilled bread with tomato sauce)

Grilled Haloumi Cheese on a toasted Bruschetta with mint, onions and tomato

Grilled Haloumi Cheese on a toasted Bruschetta with mint, onions and tomato

Patatas Bravas (Oven cooked potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and hollandaise dressing)

Patatas Bravas (Oven cooked potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and hollandaise dressing)

Sautéed Croutons, mushrooms and spanish chorizo

Sautéed Croutons, mushrooms and spanish chorizo

Bon Appétit!