Northland (Auckland to Opononi) [The Travel Diaries]

Hey everyone,

After…really not much planning (pretty much getting together the day before, having pizza and beer and staring at google maps) we decided to go with some friend to the northland, which is the far north area up Auckland city in the North Island.

We decided (given that we were going just for a weekend) to drive through route 12 from the west side of the island until we reach Opononi, then cross the island to Pahia and then go back to Auckland following the Route 1.

Since we stopped in various spots during the trip im going to divide this posts on three or fours different posts, this first one will cover the route from Auckland to Opononi.

WTF Moment NĀ°1: We were going through Ruawai town when we spottedĀ  this fellows…

We figured out it was a Kumara* & other veggies factory, but the reason why they decided to build those creepy dolls is something that will be forever a mystery. There were at least 10 different dolls lined up on the roof of the building guided by a “Kumara King” in the middle.


*For those not familiar with the term, the Kumara is New Zealand sweet potato

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Northern Steamship

Sorry I took so long to write a new post. I thought I have uploaded one a few weeks ago, but I guess not :S

So, continuing with the “food” theme, a few weeks ago I we went (le boyfriend and me) to Northern Steamship, or as some people call it, the Mac’s Brewery. Located in the corner of Quay St and Gore St in Auckland.

My immediate thought when I walked in was… This is seriously awesome… not only because it looked really cosy, like the place to go with some to have a drink by the fire, but the way the bar was decorated was really creative. For starters in the ceiling there are a bunch of lamps and chandeliers all hanged upside-down, there is a gigantic circular bookcase in the back, vintage artwork and the furniture is all different from each other. It gives the bar a very eclectic look, but at the same time, with the colour scheme and the leather couches it looks really cosy and warm.


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