Yummy Quesadillas at Mexico!

Last saturday we were “fighting” with my boyfriend..too lazy to cook, to lazy to order take out and craving  for chicken quesadillas. So we did our usual walk through Queen St, stay around the city center PB Tech drooling over new tech equipment until we got hungry.

I’ve heard about Mexico restaurant before, but if you are in Auckland you’d know that there are at least 3 different places with the same name. So we thought we’d give it a try and go to the Mexico restaurant at Britomart. Best decision ever!


We started off with two Sangrias, one tinto and a one sparkling (don’t judge…yes it was early..but it was saturday and we dont drive) and we shared a “Queso fundido” with corn bread and broccoli, I swear I would go every day just for that bread. We thought that even though it was really good, the entrée should come with a few more pieces of bread, after we finished the ones that came with the entrée we were left out with a bowl full of cheese and we had to order some chips to finish it off.

After the entrée I ordered a Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla, I guess the dishes are meant to share because it was huge! and after splitting an entree I dont know how I manage to finish mine. Slightly spicy, very cheese and with a savory “Salsa Borracha” on the side to dip in. I skip the salsa because it was too spicy for me (but take note that I have a really low tolerance to spicy meals) But my boyfriend was courageous enough to try some sauces.

Overall the food was great, but what I liked the most was the restaurant itself, it has really low lighting to created a nice mood (we went for lunch, around 12.30pm and inside looked like 8pm) and the walls are filled with mexican decorations. Frida Kahlo’s  paintings, sugar skulls, mexican food tins, posters and photographs on Mexican icons and street art. (which I thinks is one of the best countries when it comes to amazing street art)



We had a really good time and chances are we will go again soon. So If you are in town go check it out or if you already went let me know your experience.



Remuera + Bastille Day

The 14th of July the French celebrate Bastille Day as their national holiday and Remuera was one of Auckland’s suburbs who team up with their french community to participate in their celebration.

Just a few minutes outside central city (just 2 train stations away from Britomart) Remuera Road was filled with all thing french from lovely pastries and wine tastings, to a headless Marie Antoinette parading around with mimes.


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Kia Ora! Hello World!

Hello there and welcome to my Kiwi Diaries!

Im Jules, and Argentinian Graphic Designer and illustrator who decided to travel world. After to much thought I decided New Zealand was the best place to start. What better that the amazing place Peter Jackson recreated the whole Lord of the rings trilogy (and now the hobbit)

If you’re interested I want to invite you to this journey with me, i’ll be posting on everything that I do here, events, places, restaurants and everything that is worth looking in this country, all suggestions accepted!

Hope you enjoy it!

[Disclaimer: Given that I’m currently settled in Auckland most of my posts will be initially from there, but I intend to travel as much of the country as possible and show as many places as I can]