Goodbye Blog…

If you are about to panic…please don’t…and keep reading.

If you have been reading the last few posts or been following any of my social media, you might have read that there were some mayor changes coming to the kiwi diaries. I’ve been working the past few days with Le boyfriend who has kindly help me through out the whole process and I think today I better that ever…


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Have a wonderful weekend

Happy weekend everyone!! What are you up to this weekend?
Le Boyfriend and I just came back from the cinema, a little someone (maybe the greatest girlfriend in history) got advance screening tickets to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I must say, it’s been a while since I laughed and enjoyed and action movie that much. Then we are planning a lazy weekend, maybe go to the SIlo Park to celebrate the Winyard Quarter birthday and I’m going to be finishing up some things for the blog and hopefully have them ready for the beginning of the week. Just stayed tuned because some huge changes are coming!

What are you plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?


Feliz fin de semana a todos !! ¿Qué tienen planeado este fin de semana?
Le novio y yo acabamos de volver de cine, alguien (tal vez la mejor novia del universo) consiguió entradas para el Pre-estreno de la nueva  película de los guardianes de la galaxia. Debo decir, que hace tiempo no me reí y disfruté tanto una película de acción como esta. Tenemos planeado un finde bastante tranquilo, tal vez ir al Silo Park para celebrar el cumpleaños del Winyard Quarter y yo voy a estar terminando algunas cosas para el blog y espero tener todo listos para el comienzo de la semana. Manténganse atentos porque se vienen algunos grandes cambios!

¿Cuales son sus planes para el fin de semana? Algo emocionante?


Monthly Favourites [July]

July went by as quite a uneventful month, nothing really going on, cold, rainy night, not many events of sorts, so we are just simply hibernating our way to spring. When trying to figure out which my favourites were for the month I really though I was not going to find anything, I pretty much slept, eat and read the whole month, but the more a though about it I realized I actually have quite a lot of things for this months, so I narrowed it down to a few things to share with you.

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The Market Diaries [Matariki Festival]

Every year, the rising of the Matariki Constellation announces the beginning of Te tau hou, the Māori New Year. Which is usually celebrated  with 31 days of culinary events, performances and concerts. Te tau hou historically occurred at the end of harvest season, where most could fill the storage houses with food and come together to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of the one to come.

Auckland was filled with Matariki Events during the months of June and July, including a Matariki festival weekend at the Silo Park to celebrate the end of the festivities.

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One day in Auckland City (Winter edition)

A while back I wrote a little guide for a day out in the city (you can re read it here … or not…I’m not your mom) so today I though I would create another mini guide for this weekend which is the end of the Matariki Festival Month. Hope you enjoy it.

Morning: Caffeine-fix
Auckland is mostly know for its cafes and coffee culture, everywhere you turn, you’ll see someone drinking a cup of coffee or a coffee shop, so what best way to start off the day than with some breakfast/brunch. One of the places I love in the city is Shaky Isles (customs street) I’m pretty sure its because of the funny “to-go” cups but mostly its because of how the whole place is decorated. If you want to try something else instead of a classic espresso coffee, right know they are offering syphon, cold drip and filter coffee options, and if you are not a coffee person, that also have teas, smoothies and fruit juices. Top it with something to eat and you are ready to go.

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Industrial Brunch

I think I’ve declared my love affair with brunch quite a while ago, i don’t know if its the fact that you can eat that much during breakfast hours and get away with it, or maybe because otherwise i wouldn’t be caught dead eating eggs, potatoes or bacon this early.

A few Sundays back, le boyfriend and I woke up early…again…thanks to that god forsaking bell right across our window (i mean really who was the one who decided is was a good idea to have a bell ringing since 8am every 15 minutes!) anyways… we woke up early and I’ve manage to convince him to go out for brunch and we ended going to Everybody’s in Fort Lane.


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New Zealand International Film Festival

Today marks the day of the start of New Zealand International Film Festival, heaps of films are going to be featured during the next few weeks and I always say I want to go…and never end up going. I promised myself this time its going to be different, so today Im going to share with you my top picks for this year and as I go I will make a little note. (So if you are reading this in September…or 2017 and there is nothing there…I failed)

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World Press Photo

57 years, 40 countries, 100,000 photo entries to choose from, 5.700 photographers and 1 jury.
“It was the year New Zealand was robbed of the America’s Cup by Oracle, Nelson Mandela died, the Boston Marathon was bombed and 60 people lost their lives in a four-day shopping mall siege in Nairobi.”

John Stanmeyer.

John Stanmeyer.

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The Market Diaries [La Cigale French Market]

Today I bring you one of my favourite markets in Auckland, the La Cigale French Market in Parnell.
I feel its been forever since I wrote one of these, but with winter already here It’s harder to find markets or to find the inner strength to crawl out of bed and go to one.


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DIY Sunday and Chocolate Brownies


Le Boyfriend and I are slowly filling up the apartment with furniture, decorations and things of the sort. Yes I know…. we moved here 3 months ago already, but baby steps my little grasshopper…baby steps.
One of my mayor issues with this “minimalistic” look, is that Le Boyfriend’s computer is now on our coffee table and given the way we have arrange things at the moment the only way to go from one end of the apartment to the other is by jumping over him and stepping over the couch (which has become quite annoying lately)

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